Friday, 30 March 2012 - tips for completing fileice surveys easily

How to complete fileice surveys easily and download file from fileice in minutes

1) You don't need to use real information, just head on over to and get an alias. Choose your name origin and hit generate until you find one you like. Then keep this page open or save a screenshot, because you will need this. Use all the information it gives you, except when it asks for your email, 
DON'T USE the ending. Many sites have identified this as a fake email, so they will not unlock it for you. Instead, just change the ending to or or even So now it looks like YourAlias@(ALegitEmailProvider).com. The rest you can use.
2) Don't use your real phone number AT ALL. They will charge you like $20/mo for their "services". Instead, use the one with the generated name.
3) Make sure your ad blocker is off if you have one. Your taking a survey from the actual ad company, so blocking it would be stupid.
4) Make sure your browser has cookies enabled. They will give you a cookie (probably) that says if you started and completed the survey.
5) After the mail survey, it will probably run you by a bunch of offers. SKIP THESE. You don't need to do these ones to unlock the survey. There should be a "Skip" button or link somewhere on the page, just follow tip 5.
6) Allow each page to fully load before proceeding. Usually there's a second popup window that comes up, just close it. Continue with the one in your browser and you SHOULD be fine.

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Very useful tips for completing fileice surveys.

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