Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Fileice File Downloader by techno group

Finally one working fileice downloader..thanks to techno group. Fileice premium downloader downloads fileice files in minutes..it bypasses the surveys. However it can only download files upto 90 mb. tested and working fine as of now.
How to Download Files Using Fileice Downloader

  1. Start/double click Fileice premium downloader Application
  2. Paste fileice file url in the space provided.
  3. Click on 'Download Now' button.
Download this fileice downloader by clicking the Download Button below!


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Thanks for the Downloader..

Is it still working. Please i need a fileice working downloader. I want to download fileice files directly from fileice.net without completing surveys.

Thanks for the downloader..Downloading now..

How to download from fileice? please tell me how can i download directly from fileice files.

I am not able to download from fileice. please someone tell me how to download files from fileice.net how can i download fileice files directly.

Can you upload it in mediafire or something?

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